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Milk Bands(TM)

This is an AMAZING new product that no new mother can be without!!

MILK BANDS(TM) are uniquely designed, comfortable silicone bracelets that let Mum quickly and easily identify which breast she last used to feed her baby by simply turning the bracelet inside out--NO CHANGING WRISTS!!

There are holes in the bracelet labelled with hours and minutes. Just use one of the three handy white markers included to mark the time! (Each Milk Band(TM) comes with THREE white markers for your convenience, in case you lose or misplace one.)

It only takes one hand to use them. They can be worn during ALL activities. They're easy to use in the dark, too! One side of the bracelet says "LEFT" in indented lettering while the other side of the bracelet says "RIGHT" in raised lettering.

Each bracelet is 21 cm in circumference to fit 95% of nursing mother's wrists. When you are nursing a baby, it's so hard to keep track of which side you nursed on last, how long you nursed, what time you nursed! Now use comfortable, easy MILK BANDS(TM) to solve all those problems for you!

MILK BANDS(TM) provide many unique features such as:
* Side indicator letting Mom know which breast should be used when starting a breastfeeding session
* Time tracking device
* Record single feeding sessions
* Record multiple feeding sessions over a full day
* Record the number of times a baby fed in one day
* Record the number of nappies a baby soiled during the day
* Remind Mum what time the baby fed last
* Remind Mum roughly what time baby is due for another feeding
* Help Mum wean her baby by tracking the number of nursing sessions and then eliminating them one at a time

And all this information is conveniently provided on ONE WRIST with a comfortable silicone MILK BANDS.(TM)

MILK BANDS(TM) are made of soft, flexible, breathable silicone. The bracelet will NOT bother your baby or even catch on your skin or hair. Silicone is not associated with any allergic reactions either!

These come in five luscious pastel colours. Peach, Lavender, Yellow, Blue and Pink. You can buy all five to match any outfit you have!

Milk Bands tracker

Colours Pink, Green, Blue, Lilac
$6.95 each


Milk Bands

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